Grow with AlphaSprouts

Reward and expand your collector base at the same time

Nurture your collector base to grow your practice

Easily tailor your appreciation to reward your biggest collectors, your most active ones, your oldest or most recent ones - whatever makes sense for you.

Perhaps you want to offer a limited edition print to people who supported you longer than a year, or a pre-sale to anyone who owns one of your works - you can do this with AlphaSprouts, even if you don’t know who they are.

Attract like-minded collectors who are new to you

Maybe there’s a strong affinity between your existing collectors and collectors of some other digital art. With AlphaSprouts, you could offer those other collectors special pricing, or an exclusive studio tour, just by virtue of their ownership of a given work, without knowing who they are.

Build supplemental revenue

If you’re interested in offering merch that incorporates your art, contact us to talk about ArtSprouts. We can help you set up and manage everything from an ecomm presence to the merch production and fulfillment - all you have to do is provide the art and approve the products.

Once it’s set up, you could then offer discounts to collectors, as a way to drive merch sales but also to onboard new collectors who might initially be drawn to your merch, and then discover more about your art.